Amanda Mason

Video Reporting: Cronkite News, 2018

Helping a gator regain mobility | Cronkite News

The same technology used in movies is helping Mr. Stubbs, an alligator who lost his tail and now lives at the Phoenix Herpetological Society, swim again.

The future of flying | Cronkite News

Three-engine planes, smart runways, smart landing programs and high-speed WiFi all are being tested in Arizona's extreme weather conditions to create a better future.

One woman has inspired children across the world | Cronkite News

The League of United Latin American Citizens Convention, celebrated Latin heritage in AZ, includes the author of the read-along storybook for the animated movie "Coco."

How Valley Metro and ASU are helping the environment | Cronkite News

ASU's Urban Climate Research Center is using Valley Metro's bus system to combat heat this month in Phoenix. Scientist are fitting buses with special air-temperature sensors to determine the impact of heat-reduction efforts in metro Phoenix.

A Silent March for the victims of gun violence | Cronkite News

In remembrance of National Gun Violence Day, people gathered in front of the Arizona Capitol for a Silent March.

Church leaders work to keep everyone safe | Cronkite News

The Rev. Juan Brown, senior pastor of the Progressive Baptist Church in Mesa, says some people are afraid to report police misconduct. He has a plan to keep everyone safe.

Parks allow public to search for scorpions | Cronkite News

Regional parks in Maricopa County offer the public the chance to learn about and search for scorpions in their natural habitat.

Mothers urge senators to keep families together | Cronkite News

Moms, families and religious leaders gathered outside Sens. McCain and Flake's offices in Phoenix today to offer teddy bears and encourage the signing of the "Keep Families Together Act."

LGBTQ teens lack support | Cronkite News

LGBTQ teens often are bullied, rejected at home and feel hopeless, according to a survey by the Human Rights Campaign. One family shows these kids need support and compassion.

Drowning Prevention | ASU

Pool safety is crucial year round, not jus tin the summer. Experts say one of the best ways to prevent childhood drownings is swimming lessons. Reporter Amanda Mason dives into the ABCs of water safety.

Active Shooter Training | ASU

Following recent mass shootings, 58 so far across the country a Valley company is training private security for local business.

Teen Lifeline: Suicide Prevention Hotline | ASU

A hotline is helping to save lives, one teen volunteer shares her story.

Hundreds without power after latest haboob | Cronkite News

Wind gusts up to 70 mph hit metro Phoenix Monday night, and they were unforgiving. APS had to create a new power grid where an enormous tree fell in north Phoenix.

A bleating lawn mower | Cronkite News

Dozens of sheep graze among the 250,000 solar panels at a solar farm in Wilcox, keeping grass and weeds from interfering with energy production.

Barbie's evolution | Cronkite News

The icon doll has undergone transformation over the past few years. Mattel says its goal is to create Barbies that everyone can identify with.

Testing tech to reduce fatalities during a heat disaster | Cronkite News

ASU scientists are testing different structures and materials under critical conditions to find ways to protect people from an emergency that knocks out air-conditioning.

How do you know if a public pool is safe to swim in? | Cronkite News

Bacteria and parasites can be lurking in water, even if it looks sparklingly clear. The CDC reports that one in eight hotel pools had such severe issues that they were closed immediately, but there are ways to keep your family safe.

Blood banks are critically low on A, B and O types | Cronkite News

The American Red Cross launched the Missing Types campaign to encourage new blood donors to save lives.

Homeschooling is on the rise in Arizona | Cronkite News

Families convene in Phoenix to talk about ways to stay connected to others while educating their children at home.

Healing by freedom of expression | Cronkite News

Aliento, a community organization, hosts art workshops to help those who are affected by immigration policies to heal through creative expression.

A proposal to save the Navajo Generating Station and the jobs dependent on it | Cronkite News

A potential buyer for the Navajo Generating Station near Page has been identified, but time is needed to pursue the sale before the power plant closes, supporters say.

Disaster Relief Training for Nurses | Cronkite News

The Phoenix Fire Department and emergency response teams, including CERT and the Red Cross are teaching disaster preparedness to ASU nursing students.

Arizona groups push for change on border policy | Cronkite News

Immigrant families and their supporters gathered in front of the Sandra Day O'Connor U.S. Courthouse to decry recent changes to immigration policy requiring immigrant parents to be separated from their children.

The urban heat-island effect | Cronkite News

Urban areas, with lots of concrete and asphalt, are hotter than the surrounding desert. To reduce this heat-island effect, Phoenix has planted 3,000 trees.

March For Our Lives | ASU

Thousands of people around the word join together on May 24th for historical international events uniting over gun reform.