Amanda Mason

Video Reporting: 23 ABC (Highlights), 2018-2019

Alleged Dog Abuse: Facebook 83,290 People Reached, 497 Shares, 55K Views

BPD just released a statement: The dog dragged by scooter in videos, was located and officers confirmed it received medical treatment and is expected to fully recover. Exclusive interview with witness, Brandon Sanders.

Ketamine Therapy helping Veterans: There are over 40,000 veterans in Kern County, and for many, post-traumatic stress is a constant daily battle. There is an old drug that is being used in a new way to help veterans dealing with the trauma they've experienced during their service

Classrooms Flooded: First grade teachers are in need of books and school supplies after their classrooms flooded on Monday morning at Leo B. Hart Elementary. With one to two inches of water, everything on or the near the floor was ruined and thrown away.

Sole survivor of crash speaks out: Four years ago on August 20, 2014, at the corner of Rosedale Highway and Verdugo Lane, a deadly crash took like the lives of two young women leaving one survivor Jessica Magee.

Recap of Potential Shooter: Police are still investigating who made the phone call to 911 from inside the hospital, alerting that an alleged active shooter was in the area. Here is a breakdown from the hospital lockdown. 

#SCAMALERT: Door-to-door scammers are pretending to be PG&E employees. Find out how you can protect your home from scammers.

Dangerous foods for pets: Holiday foods that can be dangerous and even deadly for your pets, watch and read before giving your dogs any table scraps.

Wildflowers are blooming around the state, prompting thousands of visitors to flock to see them. Officials here in Kern County are laying down a few ground rules to protect them.

Boy Scouts new program for girls: Today marks the first day that girls ages 11 to 17 can join the Boy Scouts of America Scouts BSA program formerly known as the Boy Scouts.

Dress for Success: Calling all women who are in need of a new work wardrobe on a budget. Here’s a sneak preview of the sale and tips to find work outfits under $30.

Firefighters Air Rescue: The Kern County Fire Department (KDFC) Air Operations, are always ready at any moment to jump into action to fight a fire or perform a rescue.

Recovery Month: The team at Aspire Counseling Services shares stories of hope, help and recover. They are on a mission to break the shame and stigma that comes with addiction.

FFA at the Fair: Highland High School has the largest Future Farmers of America (FFA) agriculture program in Bakersfield with 550 students.

Measles Outbreak: Facebook 50,818 People Reached, 305 Shares, 25K Views

HEALTH UPDATE: After recent outbreaks of measles in Washington and Oregon, health officials are reminding people how to protect yourself and your family from this highly contagious and sometimes fatal virus.

New shelter data released: The #CityofBakersfieldAnimalCareCenter shows Huskies and Pit Bulls typically stay in their shelter the longest. Since the new year, data shows on average Huskies and Pitbulls are in shelters for 19 days. Staying even two weeks in the shelter can be detrimental to the dog's health.

Babydoll Therapy: A new therapy for Alzheimer and Dementia patients is helping those right here in Kern County. The Alzheimer's Disease Association of Kern County, Inc. is using babydolls as a tool to help their clients relieve anxiety and help make a connection.

A mothers love, after deadly crash: This year at the Mothers Against Drunk Driving walk, a mother met the two women who helped her children the night they were in a deadly crash.

Tulare Twin Homicide: A Tulare mother of twins, 37-year-old Heather Langdon is facing murder and assault on a child charges. She's accused of drowning her 10-month-old twins at a motel. She faces four felony charges and is expected in court.

A local chef is says goodbye to Bakersfield and his beloved food truck business out of concerns for his children’s health. 59,593 Reached, 17K Engagements 157 Shares

New Medical Technology: Houchin Community Blood Bank is helping cancer patients, by reducing bacteria and pathogens in platelets with a new machine.

Large-scale Disaster Training: Kern County Fire Department Search and Rescue responders are training to prepare for large-scale disasters through live simulation drills.

Hotshot Firefighter Injured: One of the youngest Hotshot Firefighter's in Kern County, 19-year-old, Ethan Sanders survived an incident that almost took his life, battling the Water Fire.

Unaccompanied Veterans: Four times a year the Bakersfield National Cemetery hosts a memorial service for unaccompanied veterans who were laid to rest without family.

Fair Food Safety: It’s not a fair without all the delicious sweets and deep-fried foods. Before anyone can take a bite, each vendor has to pass a health inspection check.

Local veterans remember those lost on 9/11: On September 11, 2018, the streets of Bakersfield will see hundreds of motorcycles as veterans from all over Kern County come together to honor those who served after 9/11.